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(818) 446-6886

Your aloha life starts here.  Surf Art.  Surf Glassware.  Mahalo living.

What's New?

Keeping up with Nelson isn't always the easiest thing.  When he isn't jetsetting around the world or skiing up in the mountains, he's entrenched in relaxing while painting.  Keep up with all the awesomeness going on right here.


Where's the rest of it?

Nelson Ruger

Hey friends!

Thanks for checking things out.  A number of things are still in progress - not the least of which being:

  1. Shop: Art Prints and Holiday Cards are still virtually empty.
  2. Shop: There's still a very limited selection of Huli Pau Glassware.
  3. Shop: Original Art is sparse, and needs a great deal of filling out.
  4. Blog: Updates are sporadic as I'm struggling to finish the website first.
  5. Domain: I've yet to do any kind of domain transfer.  Heck I've yet to decide if I even want to transfer it yet.  I'll figure it out.

I'm working on all of these, but if there's something you're missing and you want it added, let me know and I'll make it a priority!

Have an awesome week, my summer friends.


Contact Us at 818-446-6886