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Your aloha life starts here.  Surf Art.  Surf Glassware.  Mahalo living.


Terms, Conditions & Policies

Ah yes.  The legal red-tape stuff.  Here - let me give you the short version.  You place an order for something that gives you the experience you want, and I get it to you!  Then, you take care of it.  Huzzah!  Oh wait.  You want more detail.  Okay then - read on!

Policies and FAQs
COPYRIGHT © 2012-2015 Nelson Makes Art!
All materials, content, designs, patterns, fabric patterns, and forms contained within Nelson Makes Art! listings, products, and materials are the intellectual property of Nelson Makes Art! and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without Nelson Makes Art's express written permission. Nelson Makes Art! is the property and copyright of Nelson Ruger and Nelson Makes Art!. Use of name without express written permission is prohibited.

My priority is to make sure that you're satisfied with every purchase you make with Nelson Makes Art! Should any problems arise please know that I am more than willing to work with you to find a resolution. Please contact me first and take a photograph if there are any issues with your order. All of my items are made in a smoke free / pet free studio to ensure your item is of the highest quality.

I aim for as much accuracy as possible in photographing and portraying the colors of all items but colors may vary slightly from monitor to monitor, and from item to item.

I always try to make sure that all items match their listed dimensions, however, due to the nature of my handmade business dimensions may vary from item to item. This alone will not be immediate grounds for refund/exchange. While we understand that generally items that differ from what is listed would normally be considered disingenuous - please note that we never knowingly sell items that do not match listed size or dimensions. That being said, I always do my very best to represent each product accurately in each description.

Please follow the care instructions included with your item. Otherwise, please hand wash items with a mild detergent in cool or warm water and lay flat to dry to maintain original colors and textures. Nelson Makes Art! offers neither warranty nor does it guarantee color fastness over the lifetime of the item. Warning – washing glassware in a dishwasher and heat drying will increase the likelihood of unnatural wear and fading - so please follow the care instructions.

Il'ili'li Pendants are NOT water proof or resistant.  Please do not get them wet.  I cannot be responsible for damage caused by water.

If you would like to send an item as a gift, just let me know! We are more than happy to include a note/card from you to the recipient. Please let me know what you would like the note to say as well as the address is it will be shipped to. Also, in letting me know ahead of time the item is a gift, we will not include a receipt.

*DO YOU HAVE A WEBSITE?* - Yes! In fact, you’re looking at it.  Good job!  Do I have another website?  Yes!  My blog -

*DO YOU HAVE AN E-MAIL ADDRESS?* - Yes! nelsonmakesart at me dot com



*DO YOU HAVE A INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT?* - Yes! @nelsonmakesart


*DO YOU OFFER VOLUME DISCOUNTS OR WHOLESALE?* - At the moment?  No.  If you're interested, email me and let’s talk.

For wholesale inquiries please contact me at nelsonmakesart@me.

*ARE ALL OF YOUR ITEMS HANDMADE OR MADE IN THE USA?* - Yes! I proudly make every item I sell by hand and source my materials from U.S. suppliers when possible. At all times, I do my best to not utilize foreign labor, factories, cut and sew shops, sweat shops, nor import materials or products from overseas. In some cases, though I will purchase from non-U.S. suppliers if I require a higher quality item.  Know a U.S. supplier that can manage a high quality product I should be using?  Email me at

*I FAVORITED AN ITEM A YEAR, MONTH, DAY AGO - IT IS NOW SOLD OUT... Due to the handmade nature of my business my stock changes rapidly and regularly. Unless you see it in my shop, chances are that it is gone for good. So if you love something, buy sooner than later - do not delay!

*I HAVE A BLOG, WEBSITE, TUMBLR, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ETC WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPONSOR, SEND ITEM FOR REVIEW, OR ADVERTISE WITH ME? - Generally no. I will occasionally take part in promotional giveaways etc., however, it is my policy that any product that I donate be given to a contest winner, subscriber, or follower - never kept by the sponsor, no exceptions. Thanks for visiting!

Contact Us at 818-446-6886